EU-bewindvoering, Netherlands
August 2020

EU-bewindvoering helps customers solve their debts by managing their finances.

EU-bewindvoering had been working with a manual system that was taking up to 5 weeks to output the necessary information to be able to formulate proposals to the clients and the debt collectors. With the newly implemented system, EU-bewindvoering is now able to focus on the customer rather than on the time consuming manual process. The software was specifically designed for EU-bewindvoering's requirements where all administrative tasks were eliminated. What stood out the most for EU-bewindvoering was the insight that Ocitygate has. The requirements were understood immediately and helped to explore all the possibilities. Nothing cannot be resolved with effective communication.

“When he started working on my project, he was quite fast... and it was a very fast delivery.”

“I would recommend this company. I prefer to keep working with Matthew... I was quite happy with his work.”

"Ocitygate was the only developer from 45 that read and understood our requirements before bidding. His respond on our project in formulating the exact product we needed. Ocitygate is very skilled, creative in finding the right solutions and know how to communicate during the project. I recommend Ocitygate to everyone who wants to work with a skilled professional that takes the time to understand the project, know how to communicate and implement the right solution in the agreed time and budget."

Verdeblu, Italy
April 2019

Verdeblu is a fully customisable CMS website with a catalogue search engine and admin back-end panel based on mydbapp.

Developer: Matthew Zahra

June 2020

mydbapp is a hosted application development framework.

mydbapp's features are:
  • minimalist design
  • purely web-based
  • robust security model
  • facilitates rapid development
  • data views and forms
  • dynamic pages and images
  • static files ie. css, jpg, png, etc.
  • ex-code.io scripting language
  • supports html, css and javascript
  • multi-language support
mydbapp can be used to develop:
  • wikis
  • content management systems
  • online catalogues
  • data driven websites

Developer & Writer: Matthew Zahra

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